Welcome mandala warriors!

And thank you for coming to my blog 🙂

Mandalamode is a blog about the personal life as habits (or modes), effort (or meditation) and results (or dreams). In Foucault’s philosophy, life is a blank canvas, and you are the painter. If so, I am a really messy painting. Well, not really. Just a very ordinary, uninspiring painting. One without a pattern or a dream, without mystery or achievement. But I want that to change and realise myself by creating a new painting. But doing this, as anyone who has ever tried to change anything will know, is not so easy. In order to create a master piece, one requires training, effort, precision, perseverance, patience, vision, skill, and all sorts of vague concepts that we all think we have (but when looked at statistically only few people truly excel in). I have many habits that I do not like, and there are many habits I wish I had that I don’t. Instead of overwhelming myself with some seemingly unattainable end goal, I will be using this blog as a way to understand my patterns and set goals for new ones.

So, this blog is in many ways a personal blog. My aim with this blog is to

  • Become conscious of my habits
  • Change my habits and create new habits
  • Learn new things and train new skills
  • Document experiences, thoughts and findings

About me: my name is Yavanna, I am (currently) 24 years old and at the moment in Bangkok, Thailand, to write my thesis. However, I’m from The Netherlands, and will be returning there soon to finish my Msc in Applied Communication Science and Governance for Sustainable Seafood Production and Oceans. I am passionate about the nature and the environment, Fantasy and Sci-Fi, crafts and culture, nutrition and sports. But most of all, I am absolutely in love with the ocean and marine life. This blog will presumably soon burst with information on food, good reads and tv series, sustainable consumption, work-outs, crafting and cosplay tutorials, and a whole bunch of weird facts about marine animals.


This is me.

Most of all, I will begin with using this blog to help me achieve my food goals. I have been obsessed with, and dominated by, my eating habits for years. I eat healthy foods, overall, and am quite knowledgeable about what is good for me. I’m going through a healthy eating plan with a lifestyle coach and I work out almost every day for at least an hour. Yet, I eat huge proportions and have frequent binges, I eat when I’m sad, happy, anxious, relieved, bored, and with friends. I eat as a punishment and a reward, and I have very little control over myself when I do. So to start this blog out, I will be noting my habits, food intake, recipes and strategies to change.

There are several categories to my blog posts: fitness, food, skills, mind, creativity and curiosity. Fitness is about workouts and fitness progress; food will have weekly recipes and intake; skills blogs will be about new things I’m learning like WordPress; and mind will be about mindfulness, meditation, and spirituality; creativity will be all about my personal arts and crafts; curiosity pieces are all about science and opinion and any quirky things that come to my mind.

Later on, I hope to put more on this blog, things I’m learning and doing for fun, but, let’s start with those food habits.

Oh, yeah, I’m sort-of-but-not-really-almost-vegan.

So let’s paint!





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