Fitness goals

Heya, here’s another starter-blog. Today, talking about my fitness goals and the small steps I have to take to get there. (I think)

Here are my current stats (based on my measurements 10th of June:

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 73.1

Fat percentage: 29.5

Muscle mass: 48.9

BMI: 25.9

Daily calorie intake to remain weight: 2581

Weightloss calorie intake: 2000

Waist: 80 cm

I get some movement in every day. Typically, I aim for at least 2 heavy weight workouts per week, one interval/high intensity cardio training, and one low intensity long duration cardio training. Before moving to Thailand, I worked out 6 days a week up to 2 hours a day and was consistently overtrained. This is a risk that looms over me always – I love sports and I easily get obsessed to a point where I put my body at risk. I’ve had sports and other physical injuries due to this.

Besides, my long-term sports history includes race rowing and running races. I tend to run my longer training runs at a pace of 11-12 km/h, my short runs at 13 km/h, and run my races at a pace of 12-13 km/h. My ideal race pace is as high as possible. ;o) However, more important to me is distance. Currently I run training runs about 8 kms, and races of 10 km (and once a 15 km). I would like to be able to run a marathon.

I have too high a fat percentage and am unhappy with the way I look, but moreover, I’m unhappy with how heavy I feel when running. I also want to be much leaner, which is simply the beauty ideal that I like. Not just for myself, but I tend to even be attracted to skinny people! My ideal weight would be 60 kgs, and my ideal fat percentage between 18-24. I don’t look particularly fat actually – but at the same time I also don’t look lean. Mostly, because my body is top-heavy. That is to say, my shoulders and bust are very broad, my arms are kind of big, my stomach stores most fat, but my legs/bum are quite lean.

An important extra goal is to improve my posture: I ‘hang’ my weight in my shoulders and neck, and my lower back is stiff and somewhat hollow. This emphasizes how top-heavy I am. Also, I have Repetitive Strain injury (RSI) a recurring issue that has to do with too much computer work and bad posture. It can be very painful and immobilizing and I had to take treatments for it.

So, long term fitness goals are:

  • Running a marathon
  • 10K running pace of 13.5 km/h
  • Improve flexibility: I want to be able to do a split! I want to improve my lower back and leg flexibility.
  • Weights: benchpress 75% of my bodyweight; standing barbell press of 60% bodyweight; 30 push ups (wide) and 10 pushups (small); 3 chin-ups (wrists outward), 10 pull-ups (wrists inward); deadlift 150% of bodyweight; squat 125% of bodyweight; 6 minute planking (this seems long but I’m actually super good at this already and I’ve done a 5 mins before).

The main thing is that I want to incorporate sports more in my life without getting overtrained. Sport is so important to me, also socially, so I would love to be a part of a gym community where I go to the gym every day, meet awesome people, do active stuff together, try new types of workouts etcetera. Any tips on how to do this, let me know 😀

How to get there?

  • For running a marathon (42 KM) I need a training schedule and I need to plan a race. Doing half a marathon in 4 months and a full marathon in 10 months should be attainable for me since I already run 10Ks
  • To improve my pace I need to put sprints into my training schedule.
  • Improving flexibility means daily stretches!
  • For weights, I want to do weight training at least twice a week, with one day focusing on upper body and one day on lower body.

So, soon I will put up a blog post where I decompose these goals into tiny weeky and daily goals, yay!



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