Starting my comic!

Today I come with wonderful news! Since December I am the lucky owner of a digital drawing tablet and Corel Painter Essentials 5 software which I am using to draw stuff. To improve my style, I am going to put some drawings up here. I am aiming for once a week.

I will also be taking in requests! If you want me to draw something, I can practice with different styles and topics, and give the drawing to you for free. I would be happy to take in any quirky ideas that come to your mind! But, if you are interested in asking me for a commercial project that you will be using in your organisation etc, I might ask a small fee. Ask first, and who knows 🙂 For an idea of what I might do for a project, please check out the very first time I ever drew something up for someone else – this calendar I made for Violinspiration:

Also check out Julia’s tutorials, because she is amazing!

So what can you expect of me the coming months? Lots of weird random drawings. Below you will find a little introductory comic with some scribbles; a drawing I made based on a Dungeons and Dragons character from our campaign (credits to Merlijn de Graaf); and another short scribble. These are all drawing that don’t take up too much time and I do these for fun. They help me learn more about Corel Painter! And I’m so excited to keep learning ^^comicpaint

The lady above was the date of my Dungeons and Dragons friend’s character Rafael, to a masked ball. She may look sweet and curvaceous, but she is pretty bitter and sharp. As family within the thieves’ guild, this girl knows her way around long pointy objects – and she’ll leave you with empty pockets as well!


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