Comic 2/11/2017: the icy road

This week when I went to work, I was excited to see the beautiful snowy roads! However, on my way to work one particularly unmindful middle-aged man with about zero insight into traffic and probably into overall space and time, decided to break in the middle of the road and put his bike vertical to block the path. Of course, I had to break at the last second and I slid in the slurry snow! My jeans, and my knees, were open and bleeding (which was interesting during work – I was so shaken I dropped a latte macchiato 😦 ). The man didn’t even help me up or anything, nor respond when I told him to watch out and follow the traffic rules, nor ask me how I was doing. Pff, I’d rather stay in after all. At least inside there’s NCIS, and no dungbrains riding bikes.

Xx Yavanimate

PS: What do you think of mini Yavanimate? Isn’t she cute ^^




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