4/3/2017:attracting similar people

Hi nobody reading this website :P!

I know I should’ve updated sooner, but I’ve been hella busy. Here’s my most recent comic, it was a quick one in between two full days of work.

So a year ago I figured that I should start dating, perhaps because it is expected of single people to not want to be single. I have now learned that I am really happy being single at this point, which is why dating didn’t work for me and I lasted about three months in the dating game. I turned down every nice guy because ‘I just didn’t feel it’, but also because my head is not in the dating game – it’s in the career game at the moment. But while I tried dating, I tried out several Apps – Tinder, Happn, Bumble and OKCupid. I’m sure most people have tried any of these at some point. And as you know, you attract people based on your profile – your pictures of course, but also what you like. And though I love my geek life, in all honesty for my future partner, I do not aim to draw someone who primarily identifies as a geek. My geek-life is a big part of me, but more importantly I wish to find someone with similar values on life, nature, health, sustainability and society. Since I don’t embody zero-waste vegan fit-girl, I didn’t draw the attention of the guys I would have liked to. Instead, I drew a lot of interesting people, a lot of whom were great, but a lot were also pretty different. And different can be good, but when it comes to dating it can also be not so good. There’s a lot of people vying for your attention and a seemingly stable and confident person generally gives off a better vibe than someone who immediately takes a negative approach. And rather than immediately shooting someone down over a gut feeling, I chose to talk to a lot of people. Often I found myself talking to them about their problems or things they found difficult to talk about. Which was valuable but of course not the intended purpose of dating. So, the dating game drew me into a bit of a psychologist job. Though all of these people I’m sure had their hearts in the right places, you might be able to imagine that their approach was not very attractive to me. Hence, ‘weirdos’.

So the question to you – in how far should you portray your hobbies and interests even if they are a bit weird and are less likely to draw a potential mate, or in how far should you create a version of yourself online that focuses less on your interests and hobbies and more on aspects of you that would draw the right mate?



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