Different technique

Every beginner is always looking for their style, and for a way to put that awesome image in your brain unto paper (or into Photoshop). It can be frustrating to imagine a beautiful art piece, and end up with.. well..

Thankfully, by learning from other artists it’s possible to improve our drawing skills and learn our own style (most likely, a mashup of all those other artists). So here I would like to share some different styles and techniques that I tried out.

First, I tried doing a couple of self portraits in well-known, existing cartoon styles. From left to right it’s Adventure Time, Bob’s Burgers, Futurama and Rick and Morty. My main struggle was getting the lines correct and I realize afterwards that I was doing the line art all wrong. I was drawing my lines slowly, and in close-up, rather than making fluid motions. Another challenge was coloring: with these pieces I learned to select an area and color fill. That may sound like basic to all of you, but what can I say? I’m pretty basic when it comes to PS. Such noob, much wow.

The next picture is my most recent, where I tried to make better line-art and where I learned how to color all the lines as well. I can tell I’m getting more comfortable working with Photoshop in this picture.

Practice 17 jan 2018 stap 2

My favourite technique so far, however, is the work with blots of color and erase/tweak until shapes form. So, without lines at all. The following is my most recent work with that technique, in color.

Practice 27 28 29 30 dec PNG

However, I started with greyscale, as you can see in the following picture. I struggled to color in the greyscale, because I’m still struggling to understand values. It came out dirty and ugly, and so I prefer it in the original greyscale.

Practice 23 Dec Middle char color experiments

For some of the inspiration for these pieces, please look at Istebrak, Sinix Design, Audra Auclair, CaezHel and KNKL – my Youtube muses and teachers!

Tune in to see more developments. For questions on how I did things, or anything else, please comment šŸ™‚


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